Welcome to Margarita Cosmetics where it’s all about iconic natural beauty. Created and founded by Margarita M, a long-time beauty insider with a passion for naturally-achieved beauty, exquisite taste and impressive credentials. A cosmetic and beauty expert of over 20 years, Margarita studied at the prestigious Moscow Institute of Cosmetology, located in the historic Arbat district. Margarita M was born and raised in the Russian resort city of Pyatigorsk. Located in the Caucasus  Mountains region of Russia, it unites many cultures with predominantly oriental influence. As a young girl, little Margarita showed signs of her passion for women's beauty. She admired beautiful women, was captivated by flawless skin and hair and enchanted by perfumes and fragrances. Even in her early years, Margarita was magnetized by the power of makeup. Following her childhood dream, an adolescent Margarita arrived at the glamorous capital - Moscow. An 18 -year old, impressionable young beauty began her career as an Assistant Cosmetologist. It was then that she realized that she was only passionate about one thing - women’s natural beauty.

Studying and working in Russia’s capital, Moscow, she realized that northern women (as Moscow’s geographical position is far more north from her own home city) take a different approach to maintaining their skin and hair. While following this quest for the next 5 years, Margarita travelled to Africa and Western Europe. She was carefully studying how the beauty of women changes between different cultures, climates and ethnic backgrounds. She learned various approaches and gained knowledge of diverse skin care methods and ingredients. While in Western Europe, studying at Cours de Maquillage in Paris, Margarita was mostly charmed by the French culture of beautification. Working with Europe’s most-renown brands: from professional make-up to luxury skin and hair products, Margarita embraced women's most essential beauty. Inspired to create a product with high-performance natural ingredients, refined to their highest effectiveness, Margarita was refining an idea of developing a line of new nurturing skin care and make-up products. In an effort to break from an orthodox representation of make-up, Margarita pursued an idea of creating products that will deliver freshness, transparency and individuality to women's faces. Experimenting with a number of different recipes, Margarita was aiming for that one perfect flawless formula, that she herself would fall in love with…..and voila! “Margarita’s Cosmetics” was born! Margarita dedicates the success of her debut as a skin care and make up developer to her children. “They are my biggest motivators and my biggest fans. Especially, my youngest 3-year old. When I became a mother for the 3rd time, I unexpectedly uncovered a source of peaceful yet invigorating energy within”, says Margarita, a mother of three beautiful boys.